About your stay on the Island

When it comes to accommodations for your stay on the island, you couldn’t want for anything more. Visitors coming to Boa Vista, Cape Verde for the first time are amazed at just how lovely the views are. In fact, Boa Vista, literally translated, means ‘beautiful view.’ Once you are there and have had a chance to see the marvellous beaches and panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, you will understand the name.

As the easternmost of the Cape Verde Islands, Boa Vista has a coastline that spans only 55 kilometres. The terrain is a mix of rocky coves, beaches covered in white sand and lovely bays only equalled perhaps in Jamaica or maybe Barbados.

Boa Vista is considered by many holidaymakers to be a ‘sleepy place’ where life is calm and carefree – the perfect setting to relax, compose a song or two and get to know musicians and songwriters like yourself. During your stay you will have your own bedroom/bathroom in one of our luxury apartments with the other group members.

 The apartments are quite near the main house where, in case you’re wondering, the recording studio is. There is a centrally located restaurant just there at the apartment complex that is open day and night for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoy a cocktail in the restaurant or take it out to one of three verandas that have breath-taking views of the extraordinarily beautiful beaches covered with glistening white sand. Whether composing your song or just seeking inspiration from the natural wonders surrounding you, you will surely want to spend time in such invigoratingly clean, fresh air.

Activities on Boa Vista

In between your daily activities, or at night time when you just need a break to recharge the creative juices, you will have some free time to enjoy this beautiful island.  Some of the things you might like to enjoy include:

  • A weekly BBQ party on the beach
  • Quad biking around the island
  • Kite surfing
  • Turtle watching
  • Lovely restaurants
And there is so much more. However, we don’t want to keep you from getting that amazing original song written and recorded so let’s get back to your week!

Towards the end of the week you will even get a chance to perform your own original piece at a local Boa Vista music night. How much fun is that? And talk about exposure! All your coaches will be there so this is the time to get your feet wet, so to speak.

Included in your stay will be:

  • Return flights (TBC)
  • Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast at Elci Bar

The week long course is open for those age 16 and older and for mixed groups. There probably isn’t another song writing and vocal course quite like this  anywhere out there, so this is one you should seriously consider. Not only will you have a professionally produced recording to take home with you but you will  have memories to last a lifetime and a list of contacts to be proud of. For any questions you might have, visit our contacts page and we will be happy to get right  back to you.

Please understand that this course is for serious-minded musicians only so anyone under the age of 18 will need to consent to certain ‘rules.’ There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages for those under age and we ask that behaviour is such that it does not create distractions for those intent on working on their song. Other than that, we are happy to see budding young artists learn from the pros – and happy as well to be the ones providing this opportunity.




If you've decided to study with Mode Music Group, you are working with the best! 


Fantastic opportunity to make new like minded friends & work with talented music industry professionals. 
Sun, sea, sand and songwriting ... what an amazing idea for creative young musicians.

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