Vocal Training

For aspiring singer/songwriters, we are happy to have with us the highly successful and experienced singer, Sonia Jones. Her career began back with Monty Python’s Life of Brian where she sang lead vocals at the tender age of 16. From there her career literally skyrocketed.

Today Ms. Jones is famed for her vocal coaching, based in London’s West End.

Below are some of the artists Sonia has coached and sung with over the years:

  • Rita Ora
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Annie Lennox
  • Cliff Richard
  • The Who
  • Sam Brown
  • Spandau Ballet 

Innovative Daily Group Vocal Exercise

Where else but on Boa Vista, Cape Verde could you imagine beginning your day with group vocal exercises on the beach. And as if that was not enough, to have a world-class vocal coach leading the sessions? Many up-and-coming artists would give their right arm for an experience like this. (Well, maybe not. You can’t very well play a guitar with one arm, even if it is the chording left!)

During your daily group sessions you will benefit from Sonia’s expertise in:

  • Vocal Placement
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Training of the vocal muscles
  • Scales, scales and more scales

Daily One-on-One Vocal Sessions

This is where you get to work with your coach individually on specific improvements you need to make. Areas to be focused on will be:

  • Depth and tone
  • Vocal strength
  • Pitch
  • Vibrato

As well as any other vocal weaknesses as determined by your coach. But now the fun begins!

During your individual/private sessions you will have the chance to begin working on your original song that you will be writing throughout the week. Given your vocal strengths and weaknesses, your coach will help you work on the best stylistic approach to your song that suits your voice.

Vocal Production

Once your song is written and has met with the approval of our Songwriter and Production team, the vocal coach will be there to guide you through the actual recording process. Many new performers aren’t ready for the transition from live vocals to studio production, and this is where your coach can give you pointers as you progress.




If you've decided to study with Mode Music Group, you are working with the best! 


Fantastic opportunity to make new like minded friends & work with talented music industry professionals. 
Sun, sea, sand and songwriting ... what an amazing idea for creative young musicians.

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