Recording Studio

We understand that there is more to a recording studio than its equipment. Creating the right atmosphere is conducive to a productive and successful creative environment. Unlike the clinical, "office" type feel of so many other studios, here you will enjoy the friendly, comfortable vibe - after all, we are artists too.

Our professional recording facilities in an acoustically engineered space have been utilised for a wide range of projects: 

  • EP's, Singles, Albums
  • Mixing / Mastering Services
  • Spoken word/ post-production
  • Show-reels
  • Demos
  • Soloists/ duos/ bands
  • Recording experience day gifts


With our newly installed isolated vocal booth, high end industry standard microphones and equipment we offer first class recording services for projects where quality and professionalism are key.

Everything is done in-house. From writing sessions, demoing and final stage recording, to mixing and mastering the whole creative and technical processes take place in West London's most exciting new studio, Mode Music.




Have your track professionally recorded and produced to the highest quality, so it's radio ready.

Our in-house producers and musicians ensure a one stop shop for your recording needs.

Need your track mixed and/or mastered?




Mode Music

+ Vocals
+ Recording
+ Production

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Tel: 0208 994 8777
Chiswick, London