Recording Sessions

During the week whilst you are working in groups and individually with your song writing and vocal coaches, you will also have the great privilege of working with one of London’s renowned studio engineers and producers, Jade Morgan. Her talent in the studio proceeds her wherever she goes and Jade has had the honour of working with some very successful artists.

One of the things you will learn this week is that your song, when it is finished, is the product of a group effort. Not just here on lovely Boa Vista, but out there in the ‘real world’ as well. You may write your own music, sing your own tunes, accompany yourself instrumentally, but the producer and studio engineer are responsible for putting it all together. Without the ‘vision’ of your producer, your song can fall totally flat. Jade is here to help you understand this side of the business.

Like your vocal and song writing coaches, Jade will work with you on a daily basis to bring out the best of you so that others can hear what she hears when you perform. What Jade hears may not be what the world hears initially, so her insight is invaluable.

By the end of the week you will have:

  • A polished acoustic recording of your original song.
  • Mix and master your song.

And of course, you will have a professional recording of your original track ready to share with family, friends and music industry professionals.




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