Creative Services

We are more than just a recording studio. Here are some examples of other services we offer:


           Sonia Jones - Vocal Coach

For aspiring singer/songwriters, we are happy to have with us the highly successful and experienced singer, Sonia Jones. Her career began back with Monty Python’s Life of Brian where she sang lead vocals at the tender age of 16. From there her career literally skyrocketed. Today Ms. Jones is famed for her vocal coaching, based in West London. Below are some of the artists Sonia has coached and sung with over the years:

Rita Ora, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Rolling Stones, Annie Lennox, Cliff Richard, The Who, Sam Brown, Spandau Ballet.

To book with Sonia please visit our contact page.


Writing and Production Team

Have a great idea for a song, but need some help getting it down? Or just want to share your work and gain some expert advice? Our team of writers at Mode Music offer sessions to enhance your song-writing skills. We cater for all genres, from Soul to Pop and Rock to Jazz. We are also able to offer Skype sessions, particularly to our overseas clients.

Jade Morgan

Jade is an incredibly talented songwriter/producer with an ear for vocals. She specialises in contemporary pop music with a feel for electronic production. She is dedicated and committed to getting the best out of every artist she works with, and is very natural. Jade’s versatility gives a powerful collaboration with any artist.

Jade Morgan

Stevie Wyatt

Renowned guitarist, producer, engineer and DJ Stevie Wyatt has has been in the business for nearly two decades. Stevie's writing and production style is often edgy, experimental and alternative while at the same time being unable to resist the occasional pop classic! His experience as an engineer has made him a master of sound effects and atmospherics, adding a unique dimension to his production.

Stevie Wyatt

Billy Phillips

Billy is a young & energetic contemporary pop producer with a passion for great songs, lyrics & huge productions. He specialises in a huge range of genres, from commercial pop, to drum & bass, R&B, house and acoustic. He is always prepared to take on new challenges and go that extra mile to create great music.

Billy Phillips


Session Musicians

If you would like to have an professional session musician to play on your track, Mode Music will be able to introduce you to some of the finest players in the industry.

Please contact us with you're requirements.    

Brett Morgan - Drummer 

What better way to enhance your track than have one of the UK's top drummers play on it?

Brett Morgan is available for online sessions, as well as live recordings.

News from

After 35 years of having a very full and exciting career playing for some of the finest artists and musicians around: has decided to pass on his knowledge, he will be taking lessons on a one to one basis for students of all ages, styles and abilities. Below are some of the artists Brett has worked with over the years:

Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Sting, Joni Mitchel, George Harrison, Rod Stewart, Lisa Stansfield, Mica Paris, Joss Stone, Bryan Ferry, Emma Bunton, Ronnie Wood, Westlife, kie Brooks and others. 



We know you’ll be excited to share your work as soon as possible. That’s why we offer a live video recording of your session, so you can upload it instantly onto YouTube and give your fans a taste of what is to come!

Filming Your Session

If you are planning an event, party, concert, wedding or conference; one that requires the very best sound, lighting and audio-visual production... and perhaps something a little bit different.. then Mode Sound & Light are West London's premier company for sound and lighting systems, DJs and entertainment and all your other event needs.

Mode Sound & Light

Mode Music



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